9 thoughts on “Challenging Myself

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  2. Hey, thanks for the podcast suggestions. A post on it would be a great reminder for me to find time to get hooked up with one or two. I hadn’t been following many blogs prior to your post, but I’ve been watching the folks I follow on Twitter and when they post a URL I go to it and add it to Google Reader (I had it set up to follow my students’ blogs). Now I’m following quite a few that way as a way to “build some momentum to improve and increase my own bogging.”

    http://stumpteacher.blogspot.ca/ (I’ve followed Josh for quite some time now)
    http://www.joebower.org/ (I’ve followed Joe on Twitter but hadn’t been on his blog)
    http://connectedprincipals.com/ (even though I’m not a principal)

    These are about half of the blogs I have now in Google Reader. There’s no way I’ll keep up with it all regularly, but Reader at least pools it all in one place so I can easily sift through it at my leisure.


  3. Very recognizable! Thanks for sharing. What helps me broaden my search for good educational blogs Is the app Zite: http://www.zite.com
    That’s how I tumbled onto yours too! It lets you make a personal newspaper, selecting news within your range of interest.
    Good luck!
    Friendly greetings,
    Marc van Maastricht
    The Netherlands


    • Hi Marc,
      Thanks for the tip. I will deffinately look at this and see how it can hepl with my productivity and professional reflections. Glad you found my blog and I hope you keep reading.
      Kind Regards


  4. Thanks for this. I’ve tried blogging a couple times, both personally and professionally, but due to lack of time I haven’t stuck with it. George Couros spoke at a number if sessions at Mighty Oeace Teachers’ Convention and inspirede to start up again (and get back on Twitter). Your plan here sounds reasonable, and I think I’ll be giving it a try. Out of curiosity, can you suggest any specific podcasts and how I can get set with them? Podcasts are one thing I haven’t ever gotten into but wouldn’t mind trying. Perhaps writing a post that discuss this would be an idea. Lol. Good luck!


    • Hi David thanks for your thoughts.
      I have a great connection with George Couros and every time I see he has written another blog post it reminds me the I haven’t! Everything he writes is always very insightful and sounds full of experience. I love the idea of having a blogging buddy who helps to keep you accountable (as suggested to me by Simon McKenzie-@connectedtchr).
      I have been able to continue with the microblogging of twitter – albeit without the frequency of my obsession about 10 months ago.
      My favourite podcast is deffinately The Ed Tech Crew – by Tony Richards (@itmadesimple) and Darrell Branson (@ictguy). These guys just seem to connect really well with the audience and share great resources from thier Diigo group that I find very useful in the classroom. I also listen to the Australian Radio National EdPod podcast wich gives quite a broad range of educational issues for discussion. I might just write a post on these podcasts as a way of sharing what I love about podcasts.
      Thanks for the suggestions.
      What are your favourite blogs? I’m always up for suggestions and new ideas outside my normal safe regulars.



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