4 thoughts on “Podcasts Please

  1. Thank you so much. I think one reason I have avoided this genre is because I am definitely NOT an auditory learner. When I listen to speakers, I have to be taking notes (now I tweet it). When I read, I need quiet around me. When I’m doing other things and there’s audio in the background, I tune it out as much as possible (not good when the audio is my wife asking me to do something and I’m busy reading a blog post). However, there are times when having the option to listen to a podcast could work well for me: Those [sadly infrequent] times when I am on the treadmill, I’ve tried to pass the boredom by reading on my iPad. This has not worked well. A podcast could help. When I’m sitting waiting for an appointment or a movie to start, I try to read but the noise around is distracting. A podcast could work. Etc.

    I do try to offer my students some choices. I teach ELA so reading is a big part of my courses. It’s also a necessary skill for my kids–they do need to read and not just listen. However, there are times when I have suggested certain students pick up the audio book of a lengthy novel, I offered to read a short story to my grade 10’s yesterday rather than them reading it on their own, and I’m using an app called iAnnotate to leave audio comments on my students’ work instead of written feedback. But I could probably be doing more to personalize their education. Thanks for the reminder to look for opportunities.


    • My first big jump into audio was about 5 years ago when i had time to kill at home and the choice was to read or to do housework and the book I wanted to read was Nelson Mandella’s Long Road to Freedom. So, with my brand new iPod touch I signed up to Audible and downloaded it, I put my ear phones in and my iPod in my pocket and away I went.. The house got clean and I got the story too! It was wonderfully produced and the pronunciation of words and sound effects gave the whole story greater impact. If you have time and want to try it I strongly suggest you give it a go. My next story adventure it to try to record me reading a hard copy book so my children can put onto their devices so they can have a story EVERY night, not just on the occasions where work is calm. I will let you know how I go I would like my students to become producers of some audio books for our school library too. If you know of any programs to use I would be greatful to hear of them.


  2. Hi Rachael,
    I found this post really interesting. I’m not much of a listener to podcasts and haven’t really thought of using it with my students, but you’ve opened my mind to that possibility, so thank you.

    I often check my twitter and catch up on blogs when I’m in bed, waiting in a queue etc, and listening to audio is going to disturb my partner or those around me. Maybe I should invest in a set of headphones!



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