Preparing for the Future

We are often presented with the fact that the students we are educating today will be working in jobs of the future that don’t yet exist.

The Australian National Curriculum has a strong emphasis on carees strategy and preparing students and providing them with the skills for this unknown employment future. The development of the Australian Blueprint in Career Development has given schools some guidance as to how to implement this into the curriculum. This strategy will be implemented from the beginning of secondary school and skills are developed throughout the students’s education until they complete their secondary education.

The Three areas of focus will be:

  1. Self Awareness

  2. Opportunity Awareness

  3. Decision Making

The above stated qualities are very important in a global world and the more of the associated competencies that students can personify the more chance they will have in the world of an imbalanced supply and demand of labour. At its core the Australian Blueprint in Career Development recognises that people will only become more productive, innovative and willing to manage their own careers under the primary condition that they love the work they do. The blueprint identifies that students with the greatest employability skills will demonstrate:

  • Communication skills that suits particular purposes, contexts and cultures.
  • Teamwork skills to develop working relationships that are based on independence and interdependence.
  • Problem solvig skills and the ability to identify new problems and possible solutions.
  • Initiative and enterprise skills that take up opportunities  and adapt to changing situations in life and work.
  • Planning and organising skills used to develop, implement and articulate plans to achieve visions for the future.
  • Self-management skills for the harmonious balance of life, learning and work.
  • Learning skills that demonstrate an inquisitive nature to continually learn.
  • Technology skills that are transferrable and efficient.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Carol Browne

People will only become more productive, innovative and willing to manage their own careers under the primary condition that they love the work that they do. – Unknown

In today’s changing world of work, the ability to embrace ongoing learning of new tasks in a globalised world and the horizontal progression in any employment will be challenges that our students are faced with in their working life. This must become the focus of all education and flexible learning for our students.

The question of employability used to be in the form of “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

How would your students answer the new capabilities questions?

      • Who are you now, and what do you love to do?
      • What are your special talents and skills, or gifts?
      • What types of situations and environments have special appeal for you?
      • What types of organisations need what you can offer better than others?
      • What innovative work arrangements will suit you and potential employers?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the careers strategy or the future employability of ouf students.

I would love to hear your thoughts, they are valuable to me and other readers...

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