Keeping It Short and Simple.

As the beginning of the final term of the South Australian  school year begins this week I am preparing myself for the inevitible finalizing of the years learning and wrapping up projects for the year.

Over the last few weeks of our break I have again been reflecting on how little I blog. In a attempt to make this valluable form of professional sharing and reflection I am changing tact. After reading a very clear and simple blog post by Tom2Teach Game Based Learning – Angry Birds. In this post Tom successfull conveys the ideas of using the mechanics of Angry Birds to develop simple, curriculum aligned, learning investigations in a variety of Learning areas.

My new paln is to record at the end of the week one way I used technology to provide individualised learning.  To begin with I will be reflecting directly on small events and how curriculum was delivered. I hope to expand this to include information about the tools I am using and how it helps my teaching productivity.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Amanda Westmont

As an ICT teacher I know the experiences won’t be a problem it will be my time managment and support to sit and write the posts. This is where YOU, my readers can help me. I have begun a Twitter hashtag #BlogBud where your simple reminders and encouragement will help to keep me on track and much appreciated. I am sure once I get this into my routine and I get to a point of regular blogging I will provide sound support to all teachers in technology tools an practical examples for use in the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your support.


I would love to hear your thoughts, they are valuable to me and other readers...

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