Learning trends in a Decade – My Predictions

In 2013 I began as LMS Manager (EDUMATE) in our college, which is a Birth-12 public school in Adelaide, Australia.

As the first teacher employed with significant ICT skills in the college for over 7 years I was seeing first hand the gap in learning and skills that the students had. I was also entrusted to bring the skills of the K-7 students up to date with their peers across the world. As the foundation was vastly non existent for the majority I began teaching everyone the same – no differentiation.

As the year progressed, I found that many students we advancing faster than many others. This was the time to differentiate. I signed our college up as a Google Apps for Ed site where I began introducing students to collaboration and to some degree a blended learning model. Through the sue of Google sites, with embedded Google Docs and even home made learning objects such as screen recordings. By the end of the school year I had students achieving higher levels than expected just through the differentiation and engagement.

In the next decade I can see learning being more and more focussed on differentiation and learning engagement. Whether delivery is face-to-face, blended or on-line, the key features will remain. The curriculum and mastery of skills will change and local and cultural foci will change. The constant in teaching and learning in the next decade will be differentiated instruction and flexible learning with a key ingredient of engagement in learning.

Do you agree with my predictions or do you think there will be different teaching and learning trends in the next decade?

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