My Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Mrs. Rachael Bath

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Key achievements

    • High quality pedagogy instruction and curriculum delivery of ICT in all learning areas.
    • Successful academic outcomes for all learners.
    • Innovative curriculum structure and delivery incorporating ICT and digital learning objects.
    • Team emphasis with successful working relationships and team results.
    • Current knowledge of innovative education technology research with the ability to deliver this to all learners.
    • Ongoing research of education technology for professional knowledge and sound curriculum delivery.
    • Proven skills in transferring research into practice.
    • Research and presentation to management for ICT funding & interactive whiteboard installation.
    • Presentation at state education technology conference (EdTechSA), 2013.
    • Participant and school based facilitator of new Digital Technology Curriculum, and Australian Digital Leaders Project.

Employment History

Swan Hill College 7-12

Leading Teacher – Professional Learning/STEM teacher


  • Leadership of the Classroom improvement process
  • Facilitation of Professional learning teams
  • Differentiation
  • Coaching
  • Professional learning
  • Performance Review of classroom teachers
  • Classroom pedagogy

Ocean View College B-12

ICT/Digital Technologies Learn Leader


  • Coordinate lessons to support classroom research and activities.
  • Integrate ICT skills into curriculum for all levels of the college including Special Education Center.
  • Research and support teachers in the implementation of ICT activities into all curriculum areas.
  • Support colleagues to integrate ICT into all curriculum areas with consideration for the Australian Curriculum’s outcome requirements and ICT  general capabilities.


  • Successfully lead change in a variety of settings, with a wide variety of student cohorts where technology is the common thread throughout the change.
  • Show flexibility and management skills when supporting teachers in making changes to their practices through ensuring a safe, supportive and understanding manner.
  • Sequentially and continually support staff with the implementation of innovative ICT curriculum into a variety of classroom settings across the R-12 scope.
  • Established reputation for fantastic work in engaging students and maintaining discipline and working routines within the classrooms whilst maintaining high academic standards for all students.
  • Initiation and establishment of student Digital Leaders Program to support teachers in the use of digital technology across all curriculum areas to year 12.
  • Developed a thorough working knowledge of the Teaching for Effective Learning Framework, and support staff to use this model.
  • Extra-curricular interest groups of students who develop learning tools and innovative ideas to be presented to site leadership for change across the college.

Edumate Manager (LMS)


  • Manage implementation and coordination of Edumate deployment within all areas of the College.
  • Initial setup of student, staff and parent Learner Management System and database for seamless management of students.
  • Developing Academic Reporting structure through Edumate with advice from reporting committee.
  • Train staff to use the new system comfortably for both attendance and academic reporting.
  • Development of training materials to support staff with Edumate.
  • Work alongside network manager to ensure systems are adequate for curriculum delivery and providing an educator’s perspective.
  • Communicate and collaborate both face-to-face and via distance with support teams across the country to ensure outcomes of projects are achieved.
  • Provided clear and comprehensive guidance to the Bring Your Own Device steering committee in regards to suitable device options, curriculum integration and learning resources to support teachers and students


  • Liaise with developers, program managers, technical staff and executive staff of Edumate/Hobsons to ensure our system maintains integrity and functionality.
  • Successful initial implementation of Edumate throughout whole college for attendance and academic purposes.
  • Utilised expertise from within and outsourced to ensure goals are delivered and met in a timely manner.
  • Improved ICT skills of staff due to  the necessity of using this system.
  • Establish a sound foundation of data management that maintains integrity of the EDSAS.
  • Establish a sound working relationship with the technical staff and teachers to establish an understanding of teaching ICT and its integration into lessons.
  • Consultation and coordination with a variety of staff and contractors to ensure ICT maintains its integrity, to ensure a seamless transition from traditional teaching and learning towards fully integrated ICT curriculum.
  • Employ the skills and talents of all members of the school community to develop resources to be used for teaching and learning which will be integrated into the Moodle – online learning environment.

Echuca East Primary School

Learning Facilitator


  • Integration of ICT into classroom resources for appropriate curriculum delivery and in line with learner needs and curriculum.
  • Leading and supporting colleagues in education technology implementation into the classroom.
  • Supporting a whole school approach to implementing Netbooks into year 5-6 classrooms.
  • Sharing resources and techniques on how to implement these into the classroom.


  • Successfully work in teams planning, developing and teaching .
  • Learner successes in academic areas.
  • Implementation of innovative ICT curriculum.
  • Development of appropriate and engaging learning materials for learners with specific learning needs.

Mooroopna Primary School

ICT Coordinator


  • Developed course structure for ICT P-6 which provides foundation and sequential learning across the year levels.
  • Provided challenging ICT learning activities for students and guiding teachers to provide choices for students that includes use of ICT.
  • Administered assessment and reporting on learner achievements with regards to research and integration of ICT.
  • Supported technical staff with some technical operations and local network management


  • Skill development in creating learning objects for all learners using ICT and online learning.
  • Comprehensive understanding of learning technologies and the future possibilities of ICT in classrooms and across all areas of education.
  • Present proposals for the installation of interactive whiteboards throughout the school to address a deficit in ICT learning when the curriculum demands required change.
  • Providing staff and learner with support using innovative multimedia and interactive software.
  • Presenting teaching techniques to staff from the cluster in the productive use of interactive technologies to enable students to achieve learning outcomes.


Coursera Online Learning

Certificate in Blended and online learning                                                          2014
Google Certified Educator                                                                                               2014


Coursera – University of Pennsylvania

Gamification Certificate                                                                                                  2012


University of Southern Queensland – Toowoomba

Masters in Educational Technology  (GPA 5.5)                                              2010

Research Paper: “Connecting Kids –Incorporating Online Social Networking into the Primary School Curriculum”


University of Southern Queensland – Toowoomba

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Technology                               2009 


LaTrobe University – Bendigo

Bachelor of Education                                                                                                      1999


La Trobe University – Bendigo

Bachelor of Teaching                                                                                                        1997

Area of Concentration: Primary

 Related Experience

Innovative Teaching

Teacher of Innovation and diversity

Delivery of flexible learning opportunities to learners of all ages, needs, backgrounds, and abilities through combining the use of practical learning and ICT’s to enhance the experiences and authenticity of the learning.

Teacher Trainer

Intel – Thinking with Technology

Fully trained and qualified to administer professional development and support to teachers and implement this program school wide.

ICT Coordinator

Information and Communication Technologies Coordinator

Development of school wide learning scope and sequence, staff professional development and overseeing the installation of technology throughout the school.

Literacy Coordinator

Early and Middle years of schooling Literacy Coordinator

Fully trained and qualified literacy coordinator for Early Years and Middle Years Literacy Program. I am trained to professionally support staff in the development of literacy in the classroom, whilst catering for the specific learning needs of all students.

Curriculum Development & Contemporary Education

Research and Program Development in Education Technology

Successful research and demonstration of skills in: Instruction Design and Flexible Learning, Web Publishing, Create Interactive Multimedia, Create Educational Web Environments, Virtual Conferencing for Contemporary Education and Foundations of contemporary Education research and application in classroom contexts.

Professional Trainer

Using Collaborative  [Social] Networking in Education

Presentation of professional development to educators in the area of connected learning, and the practical use of Collaborative [Social] Networks for innovative learning in education, delivered to Educators from Pre-School to Senior Secondary.


    • Integrate the use of online learning into all classroom settings whilst maintaining the integrity of the objectives.
    • Understanding the options of online learning and the potential for in-time learning for all students and staff.
    • Comprehensive skills in planning, assessing and organizing a variety of committees.
    • Comprehensive knowledge and research in relation to online learning.
    • High level working knowledge of online curriculum delivery, professional development and collaboration within and between learners.
    • Up to date research knowledge on education technology & online teaching and learning.
    • Sound ability to provide an education to directly suit the needs of the individual learner.
    • Exceptional knowledge in the delivery of education and instructional development and design.
    • Sound skills in using web design tools such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Dreamweaver.
    • Implementation of online learning environment for school students using Google Apps for Education.
    • Extensive knowledge in the use of social networking in educational settings and for collaboration.
    • Extensive experience in preparing and delivering curriculum/professional development to adults and children..
    • Demonstrated ability to work to deadlines, autonomously and within teams.
    • Sound ability to think ‘outside the square’, and present information in an innovative and engaging manner that suits the needs of the learner.
    • Demonstrated capacity to lead, supervise and coordinate groups of adults and young people.
    • Work to achieve goals within a time frame and responding flexibly to demand and change.
    • Demonstrated ability to monitor, work within budgets, and make submissions.
    • Passion for learning and emerging technologies in education.
    • Exceptional skills in verbal and written communication for a variety of situations.


    • Management committee member of EdTechSA (formerly CEGSA)
    • Planning Committee member for ACEC-2014 Conference.
    • 5 year member of the Ed Tech Crew podcast and Diigo group.
    • Member of numerous Education Technology social networks and forums.
    • Active member of online Professional Learning Network through a variety of online forums.


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