Professional Presentations

Please find below a listing of presentations I am available to deliver upon request. Each has a general statement of content and goals. I have also included a guide for time allocated for delivery, this can be modified to suit the learner’s needs, goals and experiences. I am available for bookings during both school term and on school holidays.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.

1. Google Apps for Education – Presentation

This presentation is based around the features of the Google Apps Suite with practical examples of how to implement this into any school and classroom for clear instruction.

  • Discovering the Google Apps suite and the basic functionality of all apps. We will investigate how Google Apps can be implemented into you classroom immediately, learn how scripts will automate your life, save you time and allow you to claim back your weekends.
  • Collaboration and communication lines are opened up for all users. Teachers can track and monitor student participation in discussions through some “Google Magic”.

This presentation is for beginners and can be presented in 1/2 day. This is the prelude to the workshop described below. I strongly suggest that both Google Presentations are delivered consecutively. In addition to this I am able to assist with initial set-up of Google Apps for Education prior to the presentation.

2. Google Apps for Education – Workshop

This workshop is a practical session based around the features of the Google Apps Suite with activities to support the implementation of Google Apps into your classroom.

  • Exploring the Google Apps suite and build some resources that can be used in the classroom immediately. We will create a Google site where curriculum can be delivered or just to open communication between school and community or even between classrooms.
  • Using “Google Magic” (scripts) to create a quiz or test and automate in-time feedback to students.
  • Practical applications of collaboration for teachers and students.

This presentation is for participants with some knowledge or understanding of the Google Apps suite and can be presented in 1/2 day. I strongly suggest that both Google Presentations are delivered consecutively. I strongly recommend (but not imperative) the school has established their Google Apps for Education domain prior to this workshop.

3. Student e-Portfolio’s

This is by far the most flexible presentation I offer, and should be booked in addition to my  Professional Reflection and Portfolios Presentation. This can be a Teacher and/or studnet presentation, including:

  • A condensed presentation about the why’s and hows of student e-Portfolios in the classroom and policy development support.
  • Establishing a school understanding and structure for e-Portfolios – the how’s and why’s for student reflection.
  • Extended classroom establishment and setting up student e-Portfolios in your class for each student.

Each of these options would require a minimum of 1/2 day sessions per class for establishing student e-Portfolios.

4. Professional Reflection and Portfolios

This is a presentation to discuss the professional Portfolios for educators and high quality professional practices. This presentation incorporates:

  • Investigating high quality education blogs.
  • Establishing learners’ own portfolio’s.
  • Demonstrating AITSL standards through documentation and professional reflection.

Due to the flexibility of this presentation, timing is variable. I would recommend 2 – 4 hours, depending on the group size and computer skills.

5. Games for Education in the Primary Classroom

This presentation is based around two key features:

  • Games that provide educational challenges and progress. We will be playing/analysing games, looking at how we can integrate games into education as well as some site/programs suggestions for the Junior Primary and Primary levels.
  • In addition we will look at the option of making games and the software to support this at varying levels of Education as assessed in the Australian Curriculum – Digital Technology.  We will look at both downloadable and web-based programs.

This presentation can vary in length and depth of activity from 3-4 hours. The key factors would be the practical emphasis and participant prior skills.

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