Professional Reading

This page will mostly consist of links to readings and resources that I accumulate through my research, networks and general interactions. I will also include books that I have read and some personal comments to summarize the key points.

The Google Story – David A. Vise

The Google Story

Although this book was originally written in 2005 and this version was an updated edition for Google’s 10th Birthday; telling the story of the most successful and unconventional business in the world. I did have some background on the business ventures of Larry Page and Surgey Brin, as many people do, but this book reveals many new and sometimes hidden secrets of the Google empire and business model.
What I loved about this book is that it told the story of some young innovators who defied the odds and made a choice not to follow the .com crowd into bad business ventures and instead they believed in their ideas, skills, and business goals; and better still they had the conviction to stick to these.  The story is one of trial, challenge and overcoming adversity – a great foundation for student learning and development of design ideas. If education could embrace some of the lessons learnt by Brin and Page into the life lessons being taught across the world I am sure there will be greater success and innovation across the world.

David Ward David Ward (Linked In)

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Social Learning

“The key thing to remember is that within the formal learning space, we can own the conversations. Within the social spaces, we can participate, but not own them. Not even with moderation: if we moderate too heavily, if we try to steer it too far, we simply make the informal formal. We kill the dialogue and make it a lecture.” It’s the age-old conundrum: how do you structure informal learning yet maintain its informality when, by definition, structuring learning formalizes it?

How to Create a Dynamic Social Learning Space with High Engagement

There’s a lot involved in building a community: you can put up houses, roads, bus stops and shops, a village green, town hall, and school, but until people move in and start talking to the neighbors, you just have an infrastructure. You need people to make a community, but here’s the funny thing: you probably don’t need the infrastructure to do it. People and the conversations are what counts.


 Christopher Pappas (Linked In)

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Visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary. As an online educator, teacher, facilitator you are wondered what kind of the 7 styles of learning are the most effective for your students, learners.


Bill Cecil Bill Cecil (Linked In)

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