Professional Engagement

  •  Engage in professional learning

Participating and engaging in professional learning occurs in snippets throughout the course of any day in a school. The key is to be responsive and reflect upon the opportunities. Within this reflection I think about my own practices, look at the new learning and decide if there is a place for immediate change in my practices or retained for an appropriate opportunity to apply this knowledge.

I throughout my teaching and learning journey I have continued to engage in professional learning, both informally, through professional practices and through further post graduate academia.

Through my appointment  into a number of experiences and roles within the school environment I have demonstrated my ability to engage in professional learning throughout. Some examples of this include my ability to establish the role of ICT coordinator, seek support from colleagues at other schools in the district.

During a series of professional development sessions with a cluster of schools I was not only able to learn from others in digital technologies and in particular interactive white boards in the primary and middle school classrooms, I was also able to become a leader and presenter.

As a result of my passion for Education Technology and my Post-Graduate research I have developed a comprehensive understanding of how these innovations can be incorporated into curriculum and learning for everyone. As teachers we must retain the passion for learning and professional enhancement within everything we do.

I am so enthusiastic about integrating technology and developing authentic learning opportunities for all students and teachers that I no longer class it as work but a passion and an opportunity to influence the motion of change in any environment I am working in.

to ensure I maintain a thorough understanding of the latest information in relation to I participate in a number of Education Technology networks throughout Australia and the world. In January 2011 I participated in an international podcast “Voices of the Gulf” to discuss the opportunities of developing a network for students affected by the devastating Victorian and Queensland floods. This is in response to the affect these extraordinary events had on the beginning of the school year. Furthermore, I am a regular participant in the “Ed Tech Crew” podcast and community. In May 2012 I participated in discussions in relation to the Australian Technologies Draft Curriculum. I have been a blogger and Tweeter for a number of years.

To demonstrate my passion for professional learning and information Communication Technology I have reflected upon my recent experiences that include the CEGSA 2012 conference in Adelaide, in my blog post.

I am also empowering my colleagues with the skills necessary to expand their learning networks. I am beginning a new training session once per week to provide the opportunity to get connected and develop the skills in using social network tools as educational and learning resources. I am providing personal and ongoing support to ensure everyone can get the most out of these tools.

  • Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

On a day-to-day basis I engage with colleagues, parents and the community.  I have five keys to my interactions with everyone I engage with on a daily basis: Professional; Polite; Prompt; Personal and Promotional. when reflecting upon these interactions I always ensure I have addressed these keys to professional engagements.

Best service encompasses these foci and as an educator and ICT expert I believe it is my responsibility and duty to provide colleagues, students and the community in this manner.

I am professional in the way I talk and interact with my colleagues, community members and carers, I project a professional manner and speak positively. I share and support the client with their needs, and offer documentation and/or further support if required. I seek information in regards to governing guidelines and ensure I always provide accurate information according to the resources available. My professional manner extends to the acknowledgement of sources and always ensuring due credit is paid where credit is due. In return I receive professional feedback from a variety of sources, to exemplify the extent of my professionalism.

My polite manner is exemplified when I move around the site and excuse myself if I need to interrupt or enter an occupied area. My manner is with greatest respect for others around me and I ensure everyone is comfortable. I always return to the timeless statement:

“Treat others as you wish to be treated”

and as long as I maintain this belief and underpinning mentality I will always provide my service in a respectful and polite manner. When there are issues of discrepancy and debate I listen thoughtfully and provide my perspective. And if necessary come to a compromise, always with polite respect and allowance for differences of opinion.

I address issues and requests in a prompt and timely manner to ensure that the priority role, of education and learning, can continue with minimal or no disruption. I am prioritize tasks and address them to the suitability of all. If I am unable to resolve an issue, or source resources, I always refer it to a more knowledgeable resource. I then follow-up in a timely manner to check the issue or request has been addressed. Showing this caring nature and interest in others is an important component to a cohesive working relationship with all colleagues, community members and carers.

Personal delivery of service is most important when the consumer requests support. As educators we must address these needs to the suitability of the learner. Learners I cater for range from  colleagues, community members, carers, and students. I project the same personal manner for all of my interactions. I take into consideration their needs, and the outcome required, from this I provide support and endeavor to educate the learner for the expansion of their own knowledge and understanding. I also routinely offer my support in any other areas that I can at the time. This provides the opening to ask questions or make further requests. I am understanding and responsive to the needs and requests of my colleagues, community members and carers, therefore I also internalize the significance of my personal responsiveness and present myself in this manner at all times.

As a service provider of educaton and more specifically information communications technologies (ICT), I promote myself as a support agent and source for further development of ICT resources to support the curriculum. I am also able to support colleagues in their improved delivery of curriculum with the integration of digital and learning technologies. The more I can promote myself as a service and resource, I believe, the more I become a valuable and more knowledgeable resource. Thus the services I can provide to education expands creating a win-win situation. I recognize that I am not knowledgeable in all areas, although through my professional learning networks I have the knowledge of hundreds of educators from across the world who are willing to share and provide answers where required. Having this resource available greatly expands my abilities to provide others with resources and information in relation to their request or context.