Professional Practice

  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Source engaging and inspirational resources to deliver curriculum outcomes.

Incorporate a variety of teaching and learning methods

Support colleagues in delivery of innovative curriculum

Provide information and support to implement innovative education to their learners.

Seek world wide advice for resources or strategies that other educators have used using professional networking.

  • Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Develop a safe, friendly and supportive environment where all students respect and are respected.

Address, in a timely manner, the signs of disruption to learning as indicated by the learners. Respond to their needs and support them to feel safe and comfortable to learn.

I associate with students an build a trusting relationship through personal discussions and telling the students about my family and engaging in conversation with them about their families.

Participation in student activities for enjoyment is a great way to break down barriers between adults and students in schools. This also enhances the development of relationships and supportive environments to learn and develop skills.

Supporting community awareness programs such as “Best Buddies” and “Peer Support” further develops the safe and supportive environments I promote and embrace.

  • Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Standardized testing is part and parcel of teaching and learning in Australia and we must ensure all students understand and develop their knowledge to perform in these tests as well as becoming a productive citizen in our community.

Providing feedback throughout the learning process and careful guidance I am able to support learners to achieve their goals. This process provides insights into the cognition and concept development which in turn supports assessment and informs accurate informational reporting.

I believe written formal reports are sound method to indicate formal assessment results against a curriculum indicator. To support this I develop relationships with parents and regularly discuss student achievements either face to face, or on the phone. Keeping parents/carers informed of their learners’ progress ensures home support and continued development.