From Learning to Exploring

With only a week before school returns for 2015, I am beginning to consolidate my ideas into planning for the new school year. As the Digital Technologies Teacher K-7 (plus a year 11/12 course) I am keen to continually innovate and push the boundaries. I have a new leader in the STEM curriculum area, whom I believe will be supportive of innovation, and a very supportive Principal who has given me license to push towards innovation and making a difference in my field, but to always reflect and evaluate upon the implications.

When I plan for the new Australian Curriculum – Digital Technology I know there will be many challenges and a very steep learning curve to navigate. I took the opportunity to begin some coding with some students at the end of last year during the Hour Of Code, which was received well by some students, so I believe they are up for the challenge and change. My big idea for the year is to allow more freedom to the students in what they will explore and learn. I want them to take more responsibility for their learning and the direction of their work. I know some students will run with this and thrive in the new learning format and space that is being provided, and others will need guidance and modelling every step of the way. This is an effect of the education system we traditionally impose on our students.

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Moving Home

Today I have made the decision to move my blog from the current location at Edublogs to WordPress. This is due to a number of reasons, firstly I want a new fresh start to begin my regular blogging. I want to make progressive changes to the structure of my site and I believe this would be easier on a clean slate.

I have written some posts over on my old blog that I believe are still relevant in the current educational climate and thus I am creating a link here back to my old home of blogging. Please feel free to comment on these posts even though they are not so new.

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As this new site develops it will become a place for my professional reflection as well as a professional showcase of my education technology knowledge and skills to support any future employment opportunities.

I would also like this to become a place where teachers can come to gather professional resources and readings to develop their classroom practices and professional knowledge. I enjoy little more than providing colleagues with the support to develop teaching and learning goals and implement them successfully.

What do you feel are significant areas of technology that need to be implemented into today’s education? How do you incorporate this into your practices?